Particle Diagnostics

When IoT devices are deployed in the field, fleet managers are immediately faced with this challenging question: How do I ensure my devices are always online, and happily communicating with the cloud? After all, inherent in the delivery on the promises of a connected product is the assumption that devices are connected to the Internet and can share data successfully.

Particle Diagnostics is a suite of tools to maximize reliability of your IoT solution

There are many obstacles that make achieving 100% uptime of an IoT deployment very difficult,including:

  • Lack of physical access: You can't rely on in-person interactions with devices once they are deployed. Managing the health of the device must be done entirely remotely.
  • Varying connectivity environments: Devices can be deployed in drastically different environments where access to connectivity (i.e. cellular networks) can be poor or non-existent, depending on the conditions.
  • Interactions of complex systems: The stack of IoT is quite wide, and blends hardware & software. For your system to be "up", each layer in this stack must be behaving properly, while successfully integrating with the broader IoT system.

Particle's all-in-one IoT platform is uniquely positioned to provide a suite of diagnostics tools to help your team address these challenges. These tools provide the visibility needed to actively monitor the health of a device fleet, as well as equipping you with context needed to quickly root cause and resolve issues when they arise.

Particle Diagnostics is comprised of two complimentary products to maximize reliability of your IoT solution:

  1. Device Vitals: Deep device-level visibility into a variety of connectivity vitals that determine whether an individual device can communicate successfully.
  2. Fleet Health: System-wide visibility into the state of an IoT fleet to monitor the overall health of your deployment.

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